tisdag 2 februari 2010

Autodesk for the win!!

I just got autodesk 3ds max 2010 today so I will probably start with skin mods/weapon/vehicle mods for GTA San Andreas. Now I can do huge conversions with a lot new textures and scripts. Wait...

Does this mean that I will stop writing FAQs? No fucking way, you dumb. Did I stop writing when I first learned scripting? no! Will I do it this time? NO!!

I'm right now working on a simple Revolver weapon mod for GTA San Andreas which shall replace the Deagle. I will probably just add it with Ryosukes weapon limit adjuster for those who have the 1.0 exe. For those who haven't, they may have to replace an existing weapon in order to use this. However the quality won't be very good since I'm still a noobie at modelling.

Well, back to business. I will write a bit on my P2 guide before I turn off my comp. Bye mothafuckas!!

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